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Sunny Cohen's Content Crazy
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Content Crazy! Blog
Welcome to my blog, Content Crazy! So named - you might have guessed - because I am indeed crazy about content (well, a lot of content). My love for content is based on how educational media has improved my own life and how I have witnessed it improving the lives of others.

As a lover of the arts, and a firm believer in the redemptive power of arts and education, there is little so satisfying to me as witnessing a student "getting it" when exposed to educational media. I had such a peak experience one hot summer's day when a proprietary college student reacted with exhilaration to paintings to which she was being introduced through a class film.  (She had never been to an art museum, and I happily predicted many such trips for her future).  Later in my career, I had a similar experience with the jubilance of a previously low achieving 4th grader about a Junior Scholastic version of Moby Dick. These classroom experiences motivated much of my later work as a filmmaker and developer of educational media, and my more recent academic explorations. 

My perception of the potential power of content has been the driver behind much of my creative and academic work: the desire to understand what accounts for the power of media - and to analyze why it is that it is sometimes ineffective.  What makes educational media effective and even life changing?  Why for one person and not for everyone?   I plan to share my thoughts of this nature in this blog, and will, if I am lucky, gain the benefit of hearing some of your thoughts in response.

Content Crazy Blog

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