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About Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Cohen
Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Cohen   Dr. Deborah Cohen’s interdisciplinary background combines educational, artistic, technical and management experience and skills. As a successful educational project manager and instructional designer, she has led numerous educational initiatives for clients including corporations, museums, and colleges. Cohen is currently a college instructor and has taught K-12 and preschool in the past. She has worked in distance education for over 20 years, administering and authoring with an early computer-based training system, leading technology-based corporate initiatives, and developing online materials and consulting with educators to assist them in transforming their courses for online delivery.

Dr. Cohen has developed both award winning traditional television and new media.  A nationally award-winning television program that she wrote, directed and produced aired on a number of PBS stations and was featured on the national PBS program, American Pie.  She has also managed, designed, and developed new media for educational settings, and has designed and implemented formative and summative evaluation plans and usability testing.

In addition to being a designer and developer, Dr. Cohen is also a media scholar.  She was the lead American researcher for a study of American online learning commissioned by a consortium of French colleges and the French government.  The major focus of her recent doctoral work in Computing Technology and Education was the efficacy of Internet-delivered media and tools.  She has been recognized for her research through publication in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences.  Her current interest is applied research in the area of educational new media.

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