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About Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Cohen: Professional

Dr. Deborah Cohen’s expertise as a consultant and project manager in the area of educational digital media can best be understood in light of the variety of distinct but related domains in which she has excelled during her career.  She is a seasoned educator and advisor to educators, an expert instructional designer and curriculum developer, a nationally award-winning media producer, and a visionary leader of educational content projects connected to organizational change.

Educator Advisor

An excellent listener and skilled creativity catalyst, Cohen finds it enormously fulfilling to take educators to the next level in creating technology integrated curriculums that they love.  A former college, K-12 and preschool educator, Cohen is deeply familiar with the joy of teaching.  Through workshops and one-on-one advising, she provides experiences to educators to expand their reach by using available technology-enabled tools and techniques to empower their teaching and their students’ learning.

Multi-Platform Instructional Design Expert

Since beginning her instructional design career in the early 80s, Dr. Cohen has had a fascination with different channels and combinations of channels through which to disseminate educational information including video, multimedia, immersive simulation, educational games, media rich online, text-only online, instructor-led, print, blended, and computer-based instruction.  As well as developing numerous products using these channels, she has had the opportunity to build expertise through doctoral research and on-the-job training.  She has consequently developed an exceptionally sophisticated understanding of the nature of various educational channels and related best practices.

Educational Media Designer and Consultant

Dr. Cohen's love for the arts, demonstrated by her pursuits as an interdisciplinary artist, has found a professional outlet in the field of educational broadcast and digital media.  A nationally award-winning educational video producer, she displays great skill in merging the domains of educational media and curriculum design.

Project Leader Fostering Information Transfer and Collaboration

An unusual pattern in organizations with which Dr. Cohen works -- departments with no previous lines of contact begin to communicate and collaborate.  The result?  Exceptional outcomes that would otherwise require costly vendor services.  Dr. Cohen accomplishes organizational change leading to cross functional collaboration through highly developed project management, qualitative research, and mediation skills.  Add Dr. Cohen to the mix for innovative and cost-effective information transfer!

See Dr. Cohen’s vitae for a list of representative past projects.





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