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About Cognition Ignition®

Cognition Ignition® provides services to enable educator (and learner) use of digital media assets in a range of applications including blended and eLearning. Our goal is to provide a bridge between educators and stewards of digital media asset collections.

A Portland, Oregon-based company, we offer digital curriculum expertise world-wide. Linking digital media to educational objectives is at the heart of the methodology that we employ.

Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Cohen   The developer of the methodology (and services) is Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Cohen, a nationally award winning educational media producer and technology-based curriculum developer. Dr. Cohen has worked in the development, management, and implementation of technology-based communication and education programs for over 20 years. She has presented her research on educational uses of digital media assets in several peer-reviewed journals and at a number of the most respected international conferences on multimedia and eLearning. Cognition Ignition services are delivered by Dr. Cohen and her associates.  



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